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How To Easily Save Your AdSense From Getting Banned For Invalid Click Activities

Have you ever wondered how you can easily prevent your Adsense from the invalid click? Do you know how it feels to get your Adsense account banned from invalid clicks? Take a walk with me.

If you have been working on Adsense for a while, you may be hearing or experiencing a bad click on the ad in your ad campaign.

This is because you join your friends or other enemies as part of your website who start bombing your Adsense because of any personal problem/issue with you.

It isn’t just happening to only you, it’s not just your problem, as it is natural for anybody who is trying to survive in our community today.

Almost everyone is facing this problem, this is why the old guys in the field do not link their website to anyone and hide it with web friends (especially those who hate) just because of their Adsense.

To prevent this problem, you need to keep this in mind;

    • I always advise you don’t share your website on Facebook and don’t give your haters a single chance to destroy your online business.

This way you won’t face any problem (in many cases)

But it’s not a permanent fix because your competitor can be your enemy. So, they can bomb your advertisement to ruin your source of income so that you can take advantage of your situation.

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Or, what would you do if your Adsense gets invalid click activities? A bit frustrated i guess.

Well, get ready for the solution!

Before reading this solution, keep in mind that:

  1. This is a WordPress plugin and offers a solution which will only work on WordPress.
  2. If you use blogger or any other platform, it’s time in WordPress.

Let’s get back to business;

The plugin’s name is AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP).

It prevents you to be banned and excluded from your AdSense account due to malicious third-party clicks on your website.

How does AICP works?

The plugin depends on and clicks on all your ads. When the clicks exceed the specified number, they will be deactivated and hidden. A user or bot will be blocked if blocked with the default IP for more clicks. At the same time, the add-on sends you an email message.

Why do you need it?

  • Prevent clicks by friends on your Ads who want to “help” you make it fast.
  • Blocks your own IP
  • Blocks malicious clicks by bots on your Ads
  • Prevent malicious clicks by a human user on you Ads
  • Prevents unintended clicks by your own
  • Export all clicks to CSV
  • Export all blocked IP addresses to CSV
  • E-Mail notification for malicious activity on your site

How it protects your Adsense?

  • It protects your AdSense Account from getting banned
  • Bombing user will be banned and blocked for further clicks
  • Disable Ads when a user clicks multiple times on them
  • Activating and disabling of all Ads with one click
  • Manual blocking by entering a list of several IP addresses
  • Automatic Unblocking of IP addresses
  • Support for third-party caches like W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache
  • See URL and path of clicked ads
  • Statistic and analytic: See all clicks on your ads, sortable by IP, URL and Time
  • Works, even without reloading (jQuery and Ajax)
  • Notification for a blocked user via E-Mail


How to Setup?

Simply Install this plugin and it will provide you a code, and put the below code before and after your Ad code.


<div class=”cfmonitor”>
Your Ads Code Goes Here.

I Hope all of your queries about protecting your Adsense from getting banned for invalid click activities are clear now

If this tutorial helped you, it could also help a friend who are suffering from the same problem, Just Share!

Best Of Luck…

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